lundi 7 juillet 2008

Project updates

For now, I encountered a lot of troubles in my project. At first I have implemented the filetransfer - thanks to the sc-filetransfer project - in the current version of Sip-communicator and the file transfer “is working” but not entirely. Presently, I have problems with each library:
-Joscar (Icq, AIM) -> this library is working; I can send and receive files
-Ymsg (Yahoo!) -> this library is working at half, I can only send file but I can’t receive, and the file transfer is proceeded through an intermediate Yahoo server.
-Smack (Jabber) -> this library is working at half, I can only receive files but I can't send and I don’t know why… I have read about this issue on the Internet and I have followed the how to from igniteRealtime (they created smack), but it doesn’t work for the moment.
-Jml (MSN) -> this library doesn’t works for the moment, it seems to me to more complicate than the other but it must work in the future.

At first I have wished to fix each library before trying to create a progress bar for the file transfer. I have begun with Jabber, we have work on it with my mentor, but the problem is more complicated than it looks like. Then we thought it would be easier to try with a working protocol such as ICQ… The problem with ICQ is that we haven’t the joustsim Javadoc. Indeed, joustsim is a library used in ICQ for the file transfer, but this library doesn’t provide any Javadoc… and without Javadoc the progress of the project is slow. Indeed I have to understand at first how the library works.

With all these unexpected problems, I’m a little behind time. Now I focus only on the ICQ protocol and the file transfer. I’m presently developing the transferListener of the project. This listener is used in order to know the progress of a file transfer (both the sendFile and the receiveFile). This listener will indicate what the current state of the filetransfer is. Refused, accepted by the user, and what is the progress’ percentage. I am developing the progress for the sendFile function and after, I will develop the progress for files receiving.

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