mercredi 23 juillet 2008

First screenshots

Hello guys!

I update my blog today, even if I would like to show you more about my work. Indeed, first I would have liked to post some screenshots about the whole file transfer (sending AND receiving functions). Currently the send file function works fine, but in order to implement the file receiving function, I have to improve the current implementation of the file transfer. Then, I have already some screenshots:

When you send a file to your buddy, this window is displayed (fileTransferManager). In this window you see all download/upload (fileTransferDialog) you have performed.

As I said previously, the file receiving function works, but we can't see the progress (only in the console):

The next step is to improve the current implementation of the fileTransfer project, then I will improve some small GUI's things and I will begin to work on a new protocol (I hope before the next week).

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