lundi 7 juillet 2008

Eclipse and debugging tool.

Today I would like to speak about another tool that my mentor introduced me. I had never used a debugging tool, before my GSoC project, but I admit that it's very useful.

Indeed, until now I used some things less efficient such as “System.out.println” with the variable I would like to know his state… Often, with the println method, I don’t have all information I need to understand what is happening and why… Furthermore, it happens so quickly that I don’t see what exactly I would like to see. But now, thanks to Ulrich (my mentor) I have a new weapon to hunt problems… THE eclipse DEBUGGING TOOL! Ulrich explained me in live (chat messages) how use this tool and what I can do thanks to this tool.

I would like to say to all teachers who will read the text: “Teach to your student how they can use a debugging tool rather than how they can use VI…). I should have learned how to use this debugging feature earlier.

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