dimanche 3 août 2008

New screenshots!

Hey everyone!

Today I have new screenshots to show you!

On this first one, we could see a receiving file transfer:

When a new file transfer (receiving or sending) is performed, the new one appears on the top of the file transfer manager:

The user can cancel a file transfer when he wants, but if the file transfer isn’t completed, a dialog is displayed:

Now the user has 3 ways to perform a file transfer:

Right click on a contact:

Send file button from the main menu:

Send file button from the chat contact panel:

Presently, the file transfer works on Icq/AIM protocols and I’m working on the Jabber protocol. On Jabber, the file transfer receiving function works fine, and I have to done the send file function.

I still have trouble with the statusStateChange function. Actually, when I launch SC, the file transfer works, but I can’t have any file transfer’s GUI and after I disconnect – reconnect a protocol, the file transfer’s GUI can be displayed.

The next step is to complete the send file function on the Jabber protocol and after I will begin to work on Yahoo! protocol.