jeudi 12 juin 2008


Hi everybody,

I have just finished my exams and now I begin to work on my project. Between my studies and my exams, I have learned the most I can, on the sources of SIP Communicator. I also have visited the different forums from the others IM (such Miranda, Pidgin…) in order to see how they have implemented the file transfer. However, they use another language (c, c++) and they don’t use OSGi. Furthermore, I haven’t found any interesting things on the mailings list, therefore I have to go inside the code in order to understand.

Until now, I have just tried to modify some features in SC. I have tried to create a plugin (thanks to the exampleplugin). My first idea was to create a button (send a file) in SC contact menu (when the users right click over a contact). I use the exampleplugin to create the menu and after only, I have seen that this button already existed. And after a more deep research, I have seen that file transfer features (such the file transfer menu button, etc…) were already implemented. I have just to enable these buttons.

Now, I will try to understand how SC presently works and find all file transfer features existing. Then, I will add my own files in order to proceed to a file transfer (first a file chooser and then, the file transfer).

Until now, my main problem was to find what file/function is used to process some functionalities or another. It is difficult to know what is already done and what I have to add and where. But the more I work on my project, the easier it will be.

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