samedi 28 juin 2008



I have some news!

First of all, since my last update, I have learned a lot about SIP-Communicator and particularly about the file transfer. Indeed, some things of a file transfer implementation already existed in a student project, named sc-filetransfer. This project provides some elements to perform a file transfer or receive files on these various protocols: MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, Icq. I can use a lot of elements from this project and inspire me in order to implement the file transfer on the current version of SIP-Communicator. Some functions can be improved in order to have a better mechanism such as a better exceptions processing.

Furthermore, I have meet Emil Ivov (project leader) and Yana Stamcheva in Illkirch this week. We have discussed about what exist in SC, how the file transfer must be implemented, and what elements to improve. Thanks to this meeting, I have better understood my project and what I have to do.

Then, I have started to modify the implementation of the file transfer, I modified the I have begun to develop the sendFile functionality in the various protocols. This functionality allow user to send (not receive) files through Sip-communicator. Presently it works not completely; some things should be improved…

The next step is to create a listener in order to know how many data were already being sent, and after, I will begin to develop the files request receiving.

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