lundi 30 juin 2008


After reading my previous post, my mentor asked me to be more specific about the methods, I have to improve:

- The first method is the sendFile function (in OperationSetFileTransfer interface). This function is implemented in each protocols and it’s used in order to send a file to a contact. The problem is in sc-filetransfer that this function is Boolean and then we get true if the filetransfer succeeded otherwise false. Then I have to turn this function into a method (void) and thus I could have (and also the user) more information about what happened when the file wasn’t send.

- The second method that I can improve, is, the acceptFile (in IncomingFileTransferRequest class). This method is called when a user would like to send to us a file. Like the sendFile, this function was Boolean and it must be transform it in a method in order to have more information about what happen.

- Another thing which can be improved is the Exceptions management. Currently in sc-filetransfer, we catch the exceptions but not all. The goal is to create a new class (FileTransferException) in order to catch all exceptions when a file is send and thus to have a management of exception which is the same in the different protocol (Error code, etc…).

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